Changing industry => Changing models. 

Learn about what works today. 

Film & Television Financing, Production & Distribution => unpacked and repackaged!



We offer various participation options:


ONLINE courses                LIVE classes                Small group-seminars/workshops      One-on-One Coaching/Consulting

Courses and classes are offered in the US (Los Angels) and Germany (Berlin, Cologne, and Munich) at this time and are offered in live classes and seminars locally and through online application globally. Live classes range from 20-75 course participants, seminars & workshops are limited to 15 participants, and one-on-one training and coaching are designed specifically for and adapted to each individuals’ needs.

While online courses and seminars are managed remote, they are curated every step of the way. Online courses and seminars include meetings between participants and teachers which are scheduled through interactive live stream, allowing each participant to ask questions and share their thoughts. Hands-on guidance is offered through one-on-one meetings held online as scheduled between each participant and the teacher. Various courses include live-steam guest speaker interviews with Q & A’s. 

One-on-One training and coaching sessions are available both live and online. They focus on the individual’s preferences and requirements and are designed in each case specifically to the client, the project and requests.

Our classes, courses, seminars, workshops, round tables, and one-on-one sessions deal with how best to maneuver around the changes and challenge the Entertainment industry poses and recognize them as business opportunities for content creators, content providers, and financiers. 




What we do and how we do it:

Film Finance TV was founded in 2013 by Executive Producer and media financier Jeanette B. Milio in cooperation with the industry magazine Screen International and Bloomberg Television.

Film Finance TV produces live and online courses, round tables events and workshops, and other industry related and educational events. Courses are designed and offered in cooperation with UCLA’s Entertainment Studies department, as renowned European film and television programs geared toward elevating and educating entertainment executives and professionals from various sectors of the industry including development, production, marketing, sales, distribution, and finance.

As the motion picture & television industry is undergoing constant and rapid changes rules have changed for production, distribution, and financing of content. FFTV’s mission is to identify changes and challenges in the industry and offer insights and solutions to adapt to them efficiently and successfully. 

Find out what can work in the Entertainment industry today and why.   Learn what can be green-lit today, where and how.


Course, workshop and coaching inquiries can be sent to FilmTVFinanceInfo@gmail.com – or text us at 310-9892358




Watch FULL testimony videos HERE  


Over time we have collected many testimonials from the course,  workshop participants all over the world who immersed themselves fully into the complex world of entertainment finance and went on to creating successful film and television projects, scripted and non-scripted content. Many got involved in the financing, producing, distribution and/or management of film and/or television projects which they knew how to set up to achieve profits. We are sharing a few voices here…


Click on each NAME to see the testimonial summary video

Ran is a truly talented filmmaker. He took my class to learn how to put his own projects together from scratch and how to distribute them in the US and globally. “I learned a lot about being a producer and I love that Jeanette openly shares her stories, her mistakes, and industry secrets. I recommend that everyone takes the class who works in the film industry today.”
David is a leading entertainment finance executive at a major network station. He wanted to understand co-production funding structures and risk mitigation and profit optimization elements. “Not only does Jeanette know how the business used to work, but especially where it’s going today.”
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