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Film Finance TV produces live and online courses, round tables events and workshops, and other industry related and educational events. Courses are designed and offered in cooperation with UCLA’s Entertainment Studies department, as renowned European film and television programs geared toward elevating and educating entertainment executives and professionals from various sectors of the industry including development, production, marketing, sales, distribution, and finance.

As the motion picture & television industry is undergoing constant and rapid changes rules have changed for production, distribution, and financing of content. FFTV’s mission is to identify changes and challenges in the industry and offer insights and solutions to adapt to them efficiently and successfully. 

Find out what can work in the Entertainment industry today and why.   Learn what can be green-lit today, where and how.

Courses and classes are offered in the US (Los Angels) and Germany (Berlin, Cologne, and Munich) at this time and are offered in live classes and seminars locally and through online application globally. Live classes range from 20-75 course participants, seminars & workshops are limited to 15 participants, and one-on-one training and coaching are designed specifically for and adapted to each individuals’ needs.

Our classes, courses, seminars, workshops, round tables, and one-on-one sessions deal with how best to maneuver around the changes and challenge the Entertainment industry poses and recognize them as business opportunities for content creators, content providers, and financiers



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Entertainment Financing: From First $ to Distribution of Profits, with Jeanette B. Milio, UCLAx





This course covers the financial aspects of each step of the motion picture value chain (from development through profit participation) and considers the implications of financial choices. Designed to give you a general understanding of how financial deals are structured, topics include how film financing is secured, connecting the production budget to the financing, when a completion guarantor is required, and the various types of domestic and international distribution arrangements. You also learn about third-party profit participation agreements and the practical aspects and procedures that underlie them; terms and definitions that impact bottom line considerations, including contingent compensation; distribution fees and expenses; the producer’s share of profit; distinctions between production, distribution, and marketing costs; and how these costs may significantly impact recoupment and profits.



Dates: 11 weeks from 6/24 – 9/8/2019 – ONLINE. Curated course with online meetings. Study at your own pace



Provided by: UCLAx, Entertainment Studies. Designed by Jeanette B. Milio




Cost: $699 (UCLAx)



Course Link. HERE



Further ONLINE courses are being announced soon!