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Global Entertainment Finance Course starting — available online from 6/24/2019.

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Study at your own pace and connect with me directly each step of the way. This 11-week-course is a deep dive into everything there is to know about entertainment financing for film and television. 

Course description: This course covers the financial aspects of each step of the motion picture value chain (from development through profit participation) and considers the implications of financial choices. It is designed to give you a general understanding of how financial deals are structured, topics include how film financing is secured, connecting the production budget to the financing, when a completion guarantor is required, and the various types of domestic and international distribution arrangements. You also learn about third-party profit participation agreements and the practical aspects and procedures that underlie them; terms and definitions that impact bottom line considerations, including contingent compensation; distribution fees and expenses; the producer’s share of profit; distinctions between production, distribution, and marketing costs; and how these costs may significantly impact recoupment and profits.

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