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Film and Television: From Idea to Profit!  Click HERE!


Find out how today’s industry executives, filmmakers, and financiers adapt to changes and stay ahead of the curve.


How to create and produce projects for the “Golden Age of Television”. It’s a seller’s market right now!



How producers, distributors, and financiers apply updated financial models to reduce risk and optimize profit.



Stay in touch with the market trends and stay on top of industry changes. 



Take our workshops in the US and Europe and benefit from the hands-on, practical approach provided by established industry professional and distinguished guest speakers who share their vast experience.



See our testimonials from workshop participants who immersed themselves fully into the world of entertainment. Many of them got involved in the financing, producing, distribution and/or management of film and/or television projects.



Read the book “Entertainment Financing Today,” the most practical and up-to-date guide to creating, financing, producing and distributing film and television content for the global marketplace.


Course/workshop participants can join this access-protected portal to view templates for finance plans, sales projections, and various agreements for each phase of content creation, production, financing, and distribution.

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Who we are…


Leading Hollywood executives offer guidance

Learn from the best! We are grateful to have such Emmy and Academy Award-winning producers, sales agents, and distributors, bankers, and financiers share their vast experience. Founder Jeanette B. Milio produced and financed over 40 films and television projects with a combined production volume of over 250 million to date, and currently produces two television series.


What we do…


Something for everyone!


Pick what’s best for you! Course participants have a choice between online courses, live classes at UCLAx in Los Angeles, or attend shorter workshops in the US and/or abroad.  You can also book one-on-one training sessions and/or project management consulting. 



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Get a Grant! 

The Alliance Cinema Institute was launched to offer yearly grants to talented professionals to further their education and support their projects. We select candidates from our courses, and the academies we support Our mission is to help initiate, realize and distribute the amazing projects and share them with the world. 



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Join us @ DIGITAL HOLLYWOOD – 11/12-14 in Los Angeles

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